May 9, 2014

100000+ page views and still counting

         Just I have notice that page views crossed 100K, readers first of all Thank you all for this happiness, I am so humble and honored. 

         The second thing is, sorry…. that currently I have not posting regularly on this blog. This because I am busy with some other tasks. But now onwards I will try to manage time and will reach you regularly.

          Once again thanks for your love and support. You are awesome readers.

Rajasthani piece of art

             During last summer we visited beautiful city – Jaipur. Apart from awesome architecture of Rajputs, I was amazed by vibrant folk culture of handy crafts and embroideries.
            The rich and colorful art of Rajasthan is the motivated for this wall hanging.

            I wanted to do on white cotton fabric so that I can use all the bright colors like red, blue, green and so on.  And for the first time I have tried mirror work and didn’t know how to fix mirrors. Thanks to internet and all craft bloggers for teaching me mirror work. Stitches uses are herringbone and chain filling.

             And finally here is the outcome, quite satisfactory, isn’t it? 

Close up

Close up
Finally framed

Sep 13, 2013

Happy 2nd Blogiversary

Hello everybody, :) 
Today is the special day… yup…my blog is now two years old. 

This blog has given me a lot;

  • It has opened up a new way to introduce my Mom’s talent to the world.
  • In last two years through this blog, I have gained so many wonderful friends.
  •   I have really enjoyed connecting with talented artists and art lovers and learned numerous innovative ideas.
  • And; it’s a pleasure to have superb readers like you all, Thank you.
Happy 2nd Blogiversary.

Keep smiling :) will be back with my new work soon