Sep 13, 2013

Happy 2nd Blogiversary

Hello everybody, :) 
Today is the special day… yup…my blog is now two years old. 

This blog has given me a lot;

  • It has opened up a new way to introduce my Mom’s talent to the world.
  • In last two years through this blog, I have gained so many wonderful friends.
  •   I have really enjoyed connecting with talented artists and art lovers and learned numerous innovative ideas.
  • And; it’s a pleasure to have superb readers like you all, Thank you.
Happy 2nd Blogiversary.

Keep smiling :) will be back with my new work soon

Sep 11, 2013

One more Kurthi

Hi friends,

 I am back again with my embroidery work.
Once I finished white kurti  , which I have posted here last time, was  feeling like to try few more. And this time my wish was to do embroidery with black color only.

That’s why bought plane deep pink colored kurti from the market. I thought I will go for floral design with simple button hole and rope stitch only using black thread.
And the outcome is this top.

Pink and black combination looks beautiful, isn’t it?