Dec 21, 2011

Table Cloth - Chain Stitch

This hand embroidered table cloth pattern done with only chain stitch. You can observe there are two lines of chain stitch is used, to make the outline thicker of this free-hand design.
 In all the colors (i.e. blue, green and orange) two shades of threads are used. Outer one is with dark shade and inner is lighter one.

Dec 6, 2011

Patch Work – Shakunthala

 Before this also you have seen some patch work patterns with hand embroidery on this blog.I have mentioned that present few more designs, here is the one. Various shades of silk threads are used in this portrait of Shakunthala. Round buttonhole, herringbone, Long and short, stem and satin stitches are used. 

Nov 29, 2011

Embroidery designs

These are the some multipurpose embroidery designs. You may use them as per your creativeness.  I have used these designs for bed sheet, toran or door hanging and table cloth for kids which are posted already on this blog. In future I will try to bring some more useful designs. 

Nov 24, 2011

Peacock with long and short stitch

The major part of this peacock pattern is done with long and short stitch. This stitch can be beautifully used in filling especially for blending of two or more colors.

In one of my earlier posts also you have observed peacock design in a wall hanging. In both patterns similar stitches and color combinations are used. But the present one is smaller design. So it has not taken much time to finish. 

Nov 14, 2011

Lazy Daisy Tutorial

This time I planned to post some tutorial about hand embroidery. Hence  starting with easier stitch Lazy daisy. This stitch is associated with chain stitch family that’s why known as “detached chain” stitch also. Lazy daisy is best suited for petals. You may see this stitch on a saree in one of my previous posts.

    Bring out the thread from back  side of the  fabric at point “A”.
 Re insert the needle very close to “A , and bring out at “B” loop the tread around the needle. And pull the needle.

 Insert the needle outside the petal. 

     Here are the some  lazy daisy flowers.

Nov 6, 2011

Rajasthani lady - Machine Embroidery

This time I am posting one of oldest pattern of our collection. This piece of art is done by my mother long back. This design is a blend of machine embroidery with patch work. This Rajasthani lady portrait is my favorite one, that’s why preserved it so carefully. Hope you also like this.

Oct 31, 2011

Neck Designs

Here are some of hand embroidery neck designs for Kurtis  or Salwar suits. Click on the image for larger view. Hope you may find them useful.

Oct 23, 2011

Door Hanging or Toran

Dear friends I wish that Diwali fill your home with happiness, prosperity and good health.
Diwali, being biggest festival of India we all decorate our homes as beautiful as possible. You will put your creative efforts on Rangoli , Diya, lighting and so on. In the market also variety of ethnic and artistic home décor items are available.

One of such item is door hanging or Toran which I felt very attractive.  Here we have tried to make one with hand embroidery. Yellow color looks auspicious for Torans and here it is cotton fabric. The main stitch used is Herring bone stitch. Outline stitch  or stem stitch used in between. Mirrors are fixed with readymade rings and you can observe small bells were stitched below.
Feeling happy for decorating door with homemade Toran.
Wish you again “Shubh Deepawali”

Oct 13, 2011

Hand embroidered saree

Dear readers hope all of you are enjoying Diwali   shopping.  Sarees, jewelry and the list goes on. To match your mood presenting one more hand embroidered saree.

This is a blue georgette saree on which double shaded silk thread is used i.e. orange and yellow. You can see whole pallu is embroidered and decorated with kundans.
In this embroidery pattern the main stitches used are herringbone stitch and chain stitch.
 Herringbone is one of my favorite stitches because it can be used beautifully to fill petals leaves etc. This stitch is also known as Russian cross stitch. I am planning to post tutorial kind of articles about some of hand embroidery stitches. Let us see how it works.

Oct 10, 2011

Lazy daisy work on saree

  Today I am feeling glad to present hand embroidered work done by my mom.
This  is Lazy daisy embroidery work on saree. Lazy daisy stitch which is also known as detached chain stitch is very easy and it gives petal like look.

Here on pink georgette saree, darker shade of pink silk thread is used and Kundans are used to enhance its beauty. The above image is of border and  below you can see Pallu.