Oct 1, 2011

Beautiful Peacock Design Embroidery

Hi all

How are you doing? In my last post, I have presented a large patchwork. This time also I am presenting a large hand embroidery project. This is purely hand embroidery , no patch work. Even though simple and easy stitches are used, this peacock design demands lot of patience. But after completing the work will be just “wow” !!

This is an old piece of art bu my all-time favourite. The whole project is done by Amma only. Pure cotton cloth and silk thread are used. 

Details of the work are:

  • Herringbone stitch is used for lotus. Stem stitch for the outline.
  • The stitches are chain stitch, round buttonhole, Chain stitch.
  • Long and short and for all the feathers.
  • All other fillings are done with stem stitch
  • You may observe Panchrangi or multicolored thread in feathers. This thread you get easily at the market

You may try your own version or colour combination.

On completion, it will look marvelous!!




magiceye said...

very pretty

Sunayana said...

Thank you...

Leelagovind said...

amazing wall hanging sunayna!!i wish if i got the pattern..

Sunayana said...

thank you leelagovind. This pattern is too large to upload on the blog and I am sorry for that. :)

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