Oct 13, 2011

Hand embroidered saree

Dear readers hope all of you are enjoying Diwali   shopping.  Sarees, jewelry and the list goes on. To match your mood presenting one more hand embroidered saree.

This is a blue georgette saree on which double shaded silk thread is used i.e. orange and yellow. You can see whole pallu is embroidered and decorated with kundans.
In this embroidery pattern the main stitches used are herringbone stitch and chain stitch.
 Herringbone is one of my favorite stitches because it can be used beautifully to fill petals leaves etc. This stitch is also known as Russian cross stitch. I am planning to post tutorial kind of articles about some of hand embroidery stitches. Let us see how it works.


Rekha said...

good one:)

Sunayana said...

Thank you Rekha

Leelagovind said...

beautiful design with good color combination..have you done the embr on whole saree?hats off to you sunayna..

Sunayana said...

Once again thanks for the lovely comment. And the credit goes to my Mother Mrs Shaila Desai. As I mentioned in my profile some of patterns done by my mom and others are by me.
And regarding saree whole pallu is embroidered and large border also.

Pavitraa Fashion said...

Beautiful designer Embroidery Sarees are made multi-threaded embroidery work and hand work. Thanks for your blog !