Nov 6, 2011

Rajasthani lady - Machine Embroidery

  Hi, readers How are you?
This design is a blend of machine embroidery with patchwork.  Machine embroidery is an art embroidery method in which a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to make designs on cloths. It is faster compared to hand embroidery. Machine embroidery is mainly used for commercial purposes. In our collection, we have only two machine embroidery pattern. Soon I will post another pattern also.

This time I am posting one of the oldest patterns of our collection. This piece of art is done by my mother long back. Do you believe it is almost 30 years old? She preserved it so well.  

This Rajasthani lady portrait has vibrant colors and delicate work. It is one of my favourite piece of work. Hope you also like this.


magiceye said...

this is very beautiful!

The Narcissist said...

WOw that is so beautiful :)

Sunayana said...

Thank you for the like

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