Sep 13, 2011

Table Cloth, With Buttonhole Stitch

  Hi all,
I am an art enthusiast and inherited this quality from my Amma. Through this blog, I am presenting all the hand embroidery work done by her. Let the world see her talent. I also assisted her in a few of her works.



  This is a hand Embroidered Table Cloth. We wanted one small table cloth for our round center tea-poi. And we wanted to finish it soon. So we chose this particular floral design and filled it with buttonhole stitch. Buttonhole stitch which is also called ad Blanket. This stitch is a best suited stitch used for filling. We used Stem stitch for the outline of the flowers. Those green lines are made out of Twisted Chain Stitch. Silk thread is used for the whole artwork. I have also plan to add a tutorial to the blog. 

Hope you all like the work, let me know your opinion through comments.

note: The tread itself has shading, so we can see light and dark shades in the work. 

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