Mar 15, 2012

Running Stitch Tutorial and its varieties

Dear readers, 
This time I am posting on the blog after a long gap, first of all sorry for that.
 Here is a tutorial for the simplest and primary stitch i.e. Running Stitch, and some of its varieties.
As shown in the picture Running stitch is just passing the needle in and out of the fabric; creating a line of stitches of equivalent length and equal space in between.

Varieties of Running Stitch.

1) Whipped Running Stitch

Here are the steps for whipped running stitch. Two-colour threads are used for this stitch.

1st step: Make running stitch foundation on the fabric.

2nd step: Pass or weave another color thread through each running stitch from the same side. This weaving should also be done on the top of the fabric, needle should not be pierced. Use a contrast thread which gives a beautiful twisted look.


2)  Laced Running Stitch  

For laced running stitch also foundation will be running stitch.

Later on, pass contrast color thread through running stitch. As pictures shown below once pass through the right side of the stitch next time pass through the left of the stitch and so on.

 Similar to whipped running stitch needle should not pierce into the fabric.


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