Jan 28, 2013

Anchor Quick Stitch Kit

Hi Friends; How are you all?

    This time I wanted to do something very simple. I always wished to do sceneries from Anchors quick stitch kit; and finally here is a outcome.
    As you all know that kit includes design, sufficient quantity of thread all the necessary items in it.  I have really enjoyed doing this piece of art. After framing; it looks lovely, isn’t it.;)

         Surely I would like to do one more of similar type.

Before framing

After Framing
Just right..OK?


Fizz Genuine said...

Amazing Sunayana!!!! Hard work and it looks!!!! Keep posting.

Sunayana said...

Thanks for your admiration

Hema Raajen said...

Beautiful :)

Need so much patience and efforts to do such work :)