Jan 23, 2013

Designs For Bedsheets and Table Cloths

Hello Friends;

         Find here few more designs of embroidery which may be useful for Bed sheets and table cloths.I have used first two designs in one of Bed sheets.
           Hope you may find these designs useful.


nandhiniblog said...

The designs for bedsheetsare fantastic. I love all flower design you have shown. Thank you

Bedsheets said...

Bedsheets , the silent sentinels of slumber, weave together the fabric of our nightly retreats with finesse and grace. Beyond their utilitarian role in providing a soft layer between body and mattress, they harbor the power to transform a mere bed into a sanctuary of serenity. Delving into the realm of bedsheets unveils a world of craftsmanship and creativity, where thread counts whisper tales of luxury and hypoallergenic blends cater to even the most sensitive of sleepers. From minimalist elegance to bold statements of personality, bedsheets are not merely linens but vessels of expression, enveloping us in a cocoon of comfort and style each night.

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